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“We had a meeting this morning at Om de Hoek and it is fabulous! It is a cosy and personal location with friendly people and a delicious fresh made apple pie in a living room atmosphere, absolutely a recommendation worth!”

Jeannette Verhaar, senior beleidsondersteuner – Ministerie van VROM

“We had an inspiring day and that was also due to the nice surroundings!”

Joyce Sint Nicolaas, rijkstrainee – Ministerie van OCW

“I very much liked the illumination angle, which was also pleasant downstairs because of the rear staircase. The choice of furniture gave a domestic, cosy atmosphere, yet pleasant to work in. The wall with magnets is very practical and the pie and cake were delicious!”

Pia Hoff

“Delicious lunch!

Spacious meeting location!

Good garden!”

Jan Nathan Rozendaal, programmaleider – Provincie Zuid Holland